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EAS Air Purifying Spray and slow-release Air Purifying Gel are a two part process designed to KILL mould and bacteria, and restore the air quality to your environment!


This delivers immediate sanitisation and deodorisation, and within 2 hours of being applied, it kills mould, bacteria, fungi, spores and other viruses.

Spray, wait and wipe - it's THAT simple!

The Air Purifying Spray has a pleasant tea tree oil smell that disappears when the process neutralises.

It is ideal for use in HVAC ducts, split system air conditioners and packaged units, as Tea Tree Oil is known to KILL Legionella!

Mould in ceiling spaces, accommodation, work areas and bathrooms will be eradicated. 

It can also be used for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces such as bench tops, stainless steel, walls and even glass & mirrors.

It can also be used for treating bed bugs and bed mites.

Available in 2 sizes: 750ml spray bottle and 5L refill bottle.


This provides ongoing treatment, inhibiting the growth of mould, bacteria, fungi and other airborne viruses.

It provides a slow release evaporation, which usually takes approximately 30 days to evaporate entirely.

The Air Purifying Gel comes in sizes to suit any size room, from small laundries right up to large industrial areas.

Simply open the container and allow the gel to evaporate, structurally damaging the cell walls and membranes of mould, bacteria and fungi.

Available in 5 sizes: 230gr tub, 400gr tub, 800gr refill pack, 4kg tub and 10kg tub.

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