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Mark Biancotti - Proprietor - Saray'i Boutique Resort - Palm Cove, Australia

I am the owner of a 26-room boutique hotel situated on the waterfront of Palm Cove, Queensland, named Saray'i.

Due to our location, the growth of mould in our rooms and suites was a continuous issue until we had a monthly program to treat them with the EAS Air Purifying Spray & Gel products. That was approximately 4 years ago and to this day, there is no sign of mould anywhere. 

Not only is this product easy to use, it's 100% natural. Knowing that EAS is neutralising airborne contaminants is why guests at our hotel have commented unexpectedly on our pleasant environment in our rooms and suites,  stating that we do not have bad odours like other hotels.

This is a testament to the product, which is why I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

James Spencer - General Manager - Waseela Management &

Supervision Services - United Arab Emirates

Our company manages and represents owners of some of the most iconic buildings within the UAE.

One of our biggest challenges in the UAE, due to the high temperatures and humidity levels in summer, is the bacteria and growth of mould. This is turn, leads to a high number of complaints from the occupants of these buildings, related to odours and potential sickness.

We have attempted to control this issue using numerous systems and products. Most were simply a scent and did nothing to resolve the core problem.

In 2014 we were referred by a multinational hotel chain to trial a 100% natural, Australian-made product called Environmental Air Solutions, which incorporates Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.

After our initial enquiry, the found and manufacturer of this product, Mr Neil Jonsen, did not hesitate in providing a quantity of his EAS Air Purifying Spray & Gel products, which allowed us to conduct a series of trials to eradicate mould growth in the worst affected areas of our buildings. The trial we conducted using EAS was 100% successful.

To prove the value of the process, we had a reputable laboratory undertake tests of pathogens in our rubbish rooms from both wall swipes and air tests. The results were alarming and proved beyond doubt that a problem existed. The results showed pathogens at 5 to the 13th power. After two weeks of the EAS products being utilised, the same tested showed a result of less than 5.

After we placed our first bulk order, Neil then flew to the UAE to guide our onsite facility management teams in these buildings through the very simple installation process by introducing EAS through the HVAC systems.

We have continued to use EAS in our buildings since, and I am happy to report that this product continues to perform as we have become to expect. 

I can confidently attest that this cost effective and simple to use product works and have no hesitation in recommending EAS to anyone.

Maintenance Manager - Hamilton Island Resort -

Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island is the most popular holiday destination on the Great Barrier Reef and we pride ourselves on providing the best experience for our guests.

I am delighted to provide very positive feedback on the EAS Air Purifying Spray & Gel products that was successfully introduced into a number of our hotels, administration offices and staff accommodation some (almost) 6 years ago.

Due to the high humidity levels we experience, EAS was introduced into these areas specifically to control the growth of mould on our internal furnishings and paint work.

We have witnessed a significant reduction of mould growth since the introduction of this product.

It is cost effective and simple to use and I would have no hesitation in recommending to other operators of hotels for the improvement of indoor air quality in closed or air conditioned environments.

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